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Benefits of critical skills visa South Africa

The south africa critical skill visa is working visa based on the rear skills list published by the South Africa department of labour. If your profession occupation is identified on that list, that means you are eligible to apply South Africa critical skills visa from India. Critical skills are highly demanded in South Africa for the economic growth of the country and thus you can easily qualify critical skills visa.

There are many benefits of critical visa for South Africa for Indians. In this article we are discussing about the major benefits of critical skills visa for South Africa.

No need job to get visa 

If you have rare skills which is highly demanded in South Africa. So you don't need a job to get South Africa visa. You will get visa on your critical skills.

Broad job list

The critical skill list identify over than 150 jobs designation in South Africa. So that with the help of your critical skills, you can easily found occupation in South Africa and chance to get high pay. By the help of critical skills that you can easily search jobs in South Africa.

Fair evolution of the industry

On the other hand critical skill visa simply demand approval from the relevant professional body in South Africa. Suppose you are an engineer whose position appear on critical skill list, you will merely need to get sign off from the engineers Council of South Africa.

No competition

With the help of critical skill sets, you don't need to compete with your competitors. You will get all the benefits of your critical skills offered by South African government. The critical skills visa has no such limits, so it's not a race to the finish where your peers are your competitors.

Find the right job

Expect the other visa categories, which only allowed you 90 days to land a job after the visa was granted but in critical skill visa you have a time of 12 month to land a job before visa is invalid. This give you more time to settle in South Africa and find the right job and company for yourself. So if you don't like the company or get better job offer you are free to move jobs without any hang-up related to immigration and Visa. South African Critical skill visa of give you flexibility to choose your occupation without any hang-ups related to immigration laws.

Clear opportunity to get permanent residence of South Africa

If you have critical skill visa South Africa then the possibility to get permanent residence of South Africa increased. The government of South Africa considered the people residence permit with critical skills. As critical skills are highly demanded in South Africa as its play important role in the growth and foundation of the country. So if you are working or have job in critical skills, then you can apply for permanent residence permit for South Africa.

Get other benefits with critical skills visa

There are many other advantage which offered by South African government for critical skills visa holder. These benefits are related to the occupation and Highway for the critical skills visa holder. Critical skills visa holder put any special category and provide them possible help to establish at country. Government consider them and special candidate because these people are beneficial source for country.

If you need any other information related to the critical skills visa of South Africa from India, then you can connect to Else Visa. Else visa offers free consultation services related to South African critical skills visa for Indians. So feel free to drop your query.

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