Beware of fake visa agent and visa scammers

In recent months, more than 50 people have approached the High Commission after paying lakhs for work visas, only to be told that they have become victims of yet another visa scam.

There are number of visa agent in India some of are registered with government while some of unregistered. They have no immigration experience in this field, but they start doing it making business. You will see numerous of adds in newspaper to attract the persons or for making hungry about abroad visa. Some agents are not registered they work only work for the sake of money. They provide a wrong advice and waste your time and receive money from you. After receiving money from you they change their mobile number as well as address.

scam target the people background, income and wealth. The Department of Home Affairs (HA) provides detailed information on how to protect yourself from migration fraud. Be careful to these kinds of agents. Now the question is that how to find the agent is registered or not, or your visa is original or not?

Be careful to these kinds of agents. Now the question is that how to find the agent is registered or not, or your visa is original or not?

Signs of fake visa agent

  • They offer for a guaranteed Australian visa or an offer for Family Resettlement in Australia.
  • They send offer via email, post, over the phone, on a website or even face-to-face.
  • They offered visa in return for payments, personal details and identity documents.
  • They show that they present as a ‘registered agent’ or ‘Australian visa application service’.
  • They offer a lifetime opportunity’, or your ‘only’ chance to migrate in Australia.
  • They asked to pay them directly rather than paying the government department and show that paying to the department’s fees.
  • They claim to have a special relationship with DIBP.
  • Scammer tell you they need to keep your original documents.
  • Scammer may try to trick you into believing they are genuine by posing as staff from an Australian Government department.
  • They provide an incorrect advice you and put a false detailed on application forms, demand money and fail to deliver services.

Official website for Australian visa

For Australian visa go to - www.home If you receive an email from the Australian High Commission in New Delhi the email will end in "". It means your visa is original.  

It is very easy to operators to copy a real website or build one that looks professional. Check out carefully because in fake websites one character is different, it can mean it is a different website.

How to avoid scams:

  • Do a Web search go to official website if possible.
  • Check other websites and find anyone has reported any problems with that site.
  • After checking Contact the website owner by telephone or email before you do anything.
  • Make sure your browser is up to date because Browser filters can help detect fake websites.
  • Beware about websites which is advertised in emails from strangers that you did not ask for.
  • Please not give out your personal information unless you are sure the site is secure, and you know who you are dealing with.
  • Read disclaimers and terms and conditions before you do anything.
  • If you choose to pay for a service, understand all conditions about receiving money before you accept or sign anything.

Australian High Commission in India warns of visa scam

The Australian High Commission to India has warned Indians for new visa scams that is find in South-West Delhi perpetrated by an employment agency operating in South-West Delhi. In recent months, more than 50 people have approached the High Commission after paying lakhs for work visas, only to be told that they have become victims of yet another visa scam.

The Australian High Commission is concerned about the fatten number of sufferer and advises any potential visa applicants to exercise caution when visa agencies. Australian high commission does not have a work visa program of the sort being promoted by the scammers.

A few of the recent victims have said they paid up to Rs 50,000 just for a non-existent a medical check with an unauthorized clinic, in addition to all the other fees they have been paid.

Warning signs:

As you read above visa scammer do different things for the purpose to earn money. Scammers do this for the purpose people competing for better lives. Scammers usually put a money from innocent people and when they receive money they change their mobile number. Now the question is that how we find out your hire consultant is genuine or fraud. We recommend you follow these points while consult with an agent. The various scams that usually take place are:

  • Registered agents use their name for sure If an agent does not use his name anywhere while filing your application it means he might be a fraud. Such agent would not be licensed and authorized and hence are not permitted to handle any cases regarding immigration. These agents are like a ghost and they are always expected to be invisible.
  • Most of fraud agents are says that he has ties with the concerned immigration office. We recommended check and see whether it is true or not. In most cases, these are false claimants.
  • Fake travel agents and visa scammers usually use the names of registered consultants without their prior approval. when you have to go to consult with agent please contact the particular registered agent.
  • Scammers are expert to bluffing their clients. They usually lie or hide the fact regarding your visa processing. when you have submitted visa fee then they can show their true colors!
  • Different immigration and visa consultants offer different kind of offers. some agent charges high rate and some are low. we recommended don't think about fee, think about the reputation of a firm or agent and talk to other clients seeking services of the concerned firm before investing your time, resources and energy.
  • Fraud agents use newspapers ads promising a job in a developed country. If you are seeing these kinds of adds in newspaper and so on Beware! This might turn out to be a dupe. They charge a money from you and pay some amount of money as a registration fee and rest amount will wear on her own pocket.

This is not all! New scams keep coming up now and then beware about that. Hope this post will help you to know about how visa consultants use different kind of methods for the sake of money.BEWARE ABOUT THAT

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