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Don't waste your time and money for fake work visa for Canada

Don't waste your time and money for fake work visa for Canada

 If you are interested to going to Canada for work.  And If you are applied for visa and waiting for the approval, this article is for you. You are often go to visa agents or immigration consultants, but it is important that check whether agent is trustable or not, because today’s there has been many fraud cases find in in sake of visa.

Some agents are not registered they work only work for the sake of money. They provide a wrong advice and waste your time and receive money from you. After receiving money from you they change their mobile number as well as address.

Be careful to these kinds of agents. Now the question is that how to find the agent is registered or not, or your visa is original or not?

Here are few tips whether your Canadian visa is original or not. If your planning to work visa or visitor for Canada or other countries, then you must consider these points: -

How to check whether Canadian visa is original or fake:

The Canadian visa is an official document of Canadian government. Fake agent mostly uses the copy of this document and show to applicant it is a true. Let’s talk about how to check visa is genuine or not:

  • Inappropriate font - The original Canadian visa document contain in same font no uneven letters printed. However, in fake visa you can easily find uneven letters and numbers etc. Check it carefully.
  • Fallacy in French word - As you know French is also an official language of Canada. The original Canadian visa contain some French words. The duplicate visa makers won’t have an expert, that’s why they can’t copy everything properly. When they copied text from original visa the French words are not printed properly. For instant in fake visa you can find an error in Document No. Whether it is in English words or in French words.
  • Identified title Canada - In the original Canadian visa document on the top center of visa document title ‘Canada’ printed. In the original visa spacing below Canada is very less. However, in duplicate visa you can find ample spacing above and below the title ‘Canada’.

Effects of fake visa - As we discussed above fake visa consultants change their mobile number and address after receiving money from you. The effects of fake visa are unpleasant and troublesome for you. you may be arrested at airport. Hence to avoid such situation try to hire genuine and trustable consultant services.

Check all these things in the visa document carefully
Visa Type - If you want to go to Canada for studying. This is good, but if you are consulted with fake agent they can provide a wrong visa, be careful about that. Check whether your visa is study visa or whatever you have applied. -

Number of Entries - There are two types of entries:

  • Single visa entry - In single visa entry you have to go one time. This type of visa allows uninterrupted stay. Once the persons enter in a country they can’t enter again without obtain new visa.
  • Multiple visa entry - In multiple visa you can enter one or more time. As mentioned in visa document.

Check carefully whether your visa is single or multiple.

Validity - Before applying for visa check the validity of your passport. After you got visa check the validity of visa also.

Duration of Each Stay - According to new Canadian visa rules you have to stay in Canada less than 6 months. After 6th months periods it is necessary to go back your own country for some time then enter again in Canada.

Date of Entry - It is important to note the date of entry. Because if you enter in right time it is helpful for next time visa.

Date of Exit - As an entry date go back your own country at a right time. It is also helpful for next time visa.

Visa Remarks - Check conditions specified in visa document. Read it very carefully.

Name * - Check your name spelling it is correct or not if not make sure to inform visa officer.

Passport Number * - Match the passport number to your passport.

Date of Birth* - Check the date of birth is of according to your 10th certificate.

Photo Information* - See your photo it is blur or good if photo is blur it may be put you into a problem.

Date of Issue - Check the issue date of visa.

Place of Issue - It is not very important, but you can check it for only as normal.

So, these are the few important things make sure check all these safe from any danger.

Some important points regarding these things:

  • Check the name on the visa and make sure it matches the name on the passport. If the  name is different it means that the visa has been removed from another passport.
  • Check that  resident visa is still valid and has not expired.
  • Check  whether the temporary resident visa is for a single entry or multiple entries. If it is a single entry visa check that  it has not already been used for travel.
  • A diagonal line drawn over the visa shows that the visa has already been used; you can also check the passport for a stamp it is show a date of entry to Canada and the date it expires.
  • Look for signs of tampering such as tears in the paper or dots in.

How is passport fraud committed -   Due to fake visa sometime airport authorities stamp on your passport as a fraud. Following are the reasons your passport is committed as a fake:

  • Assuming the identity of a dead person to apply for passports
  • Using phony support documents, such as fake birth certificates
  • Using stolen and invalid passports
  • Assuming break the two-parent signature rule for children.

Conclusion - Hope you have to read all things and it is helpful for you. At the end we recommend you first of all choose right agent, check the background of agent that how long he has to work as agent, and then choose. Because if you have chosen any agent without checking his background it put you into a danger.

Second thing that should be noted that check all details of your visa document. After checking all the detail go to airport.

Hope this post helps you to understand about fake visa and fake visa consultant how break your trust. For more feel free contact us:

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