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South African permanent residence application 

If you have completed more than 5 years in South Africa then you can apply for the permanent residence here. There are certain rules and regulations to apply for the permanent visa and these rules are well-explained on our Else Visa Company website. We have clearly mentioned all the necessary details so that any visitor may get all the useful information they are seeking.

To apply for the south africa permanent residence application you need to follow certain points which are given below:

  • You must possess permanent work offer in South Africa
  • You have spent a minimum of 5 years in South Africa
  • You have exceptional skills and qualifications
  • You must be financially independent, or,
  • You are intending to establish a business in South Africa

Else Visa will provide its visitor all the information related to How to Apply for South Africa permanent residence on its website. Visitors can reach out for the information and apply for the permanent visa so that they can take the benefits and call South Africa “home”.

By connecting with us you can easily apply for the permanent residence visa which will give you rights to vote in South Africa. Or you can visit the official website to apply for your permanent residence. There are many documents which will be helpful while filling the form which includes:

  • Sec 26-A- General Work Permit
  • Sec 26-B- You and your wife have been married for a minimum of 5 years
  • Sec-26 C- Dependent on citizen and permanent residence holder should have been under 18 year of age limit
  • Sec 26 D- Details of the citizens over 21 years.

Visit us to get useful information regarding permanent resident ship in South Africa even if you are not South African citizen and fill the form either immediately or on the basis of the temporary residency. Make sure after getting permanent residency to South Africa you should visit once in 3 years else your tenure and permanent residence will not be eligible as per the rules and regulations.

It will take 12 to 18 months to get approval for the permanent residency application, once approved then you can take all the benefits in South Africa as a local persons are taking. You don’t have to renew your visa and you can also enjoy work in South Africa.

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