Tennis Star Caroline Wozniacki Joins Crypto Launches Own Token on GCOX


It has been announced that the tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki has officially joined the world of cryptocurrency with a successful partnership with Singapore which is based Global Cryptocurrency (GCOX) which gives out a digital token attach with her name.

Apparently, the GCOX has massively promoted itself as the world number one Blockchain platform which helps in the provision of an avenue for top celebrities to join the league of cryptocurrency which will help increase their respective fame and also popularity. The initial startup has the plague of enabling all the celebrities to establish their own personal cryptocurrency, dubbed "Celebrity Token “which can make use of by their own fans in other to pay for some exclusive content. GCOX can make some tons of money through the transaction fees been initiated on the token.

Apparently, the former world number one happens to be the latest idol in joining the bandwagon, although she is not the first sports athlete to join in the blockchain firm, there are a lot of top celebrities that have joined before her. Earlier the beginning of this year, singer Jason Derulo and the former football super star Michael Owen has also joined the league under the collaboration of GCOX in other the establish a token for them. The former well recognizes Filipo boxer Manny Pacquiao was also among the top pioneer to partner under the league of GCOX.

"To honest, having Caroline Wozniacki which happens to be the first female athlete to create her own token under GCOX is really an amazing and cool approach. I am actually looking forward to enlarging the cost before the involvement of other people to start getting into it, Wozniacki told Reuter in a report she has been interviewed in Singapore.


GCOX's has reported that the first token will be launch in the next quarter which will be used in purchasing some merchandise or make some reasonable donation to charities which will be chosen by the athletes. The token will also give its holders some chances in other to get involve and connected with their respective favorite stars in an "unprecedented and excellent path"

The co-founder of GCOX's Jeffrey Lin has lamented that" if eventually everything moves well, the first quarter of 2019 will be the first listed celebrity token and it could be Michaels or it could be Manny, I am not yet certain."

ICO developers, at some point scammers, tend to rampantly continuously trying all possible way round top capitalize it on the intersection of sport and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in other to grab money from top investors in the hot market. With the massive trend of the celebrity endorsement has forced the US securities and the exchange commission [SEC]  to make a dispatch of an official report in other to order the involved celebrities to disclose the nature, scope and the actual amount of compensation which was received in exchange toward the promotion purpose.

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