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What is Blockchain?

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is known as the revolution is the global business market. It worked great not only for the business institution or organizations but also for its beneficiaries. But the vision if Blockchain is not clear in the eyes of people. The question raises in their mind that what is a Blockchain.

The Blockchain technology provides a platform that allows exchanging any digital information without any risk of copying. We can say that it’s the foundation of new kind of internet space. Basically, its make to deal with bit coin. It explains the algorithm functions and digital signature property of bit coin. You are thinking here that why I am talking here about the bit coin. Because Blockchain depends on the bit coin and it cannot define without the bit coin.  The technologists are working on it and trying to find the other potential uses that can provide the way to come entirely new business dealing process in the world.

The Blockchain is defined as “is a kind of algorithm and data distribution structure for the management of electronic cash without the intervention of any centralized administration, programmed to record all the financial transactions as well as everything that holds value”

Blockchain history

Satishi Nakamoto was person who introduced the Blockchain first time in 2008. He released a white paper Bit coin, an electronic peer to peer cash system. This technology developed has developed over the last ten years. Now it’s the biggest ground-breaking technology with the high potential effect on the every business, industry, educational and manufacturing. He also implemented it in 2008 as a component of crypto currency and bit coin. In 2014 file size of the bit coin Blockchain 20GB on the internet. In 2015 its size reached on 30 GB and from 2016-17 the file size reached on 100GB.

  How the Blockchain works

 Now I shall briefly explain that how it works. We can say that the Blockchain is elaborated as distributed ledger technology which is basically designed and support the bit coin crypto currency. With the rejections and heavy criticism on some points the technology was revised to make the things more productive.

To provide a clear vision, I shall give the example of spread sheet, suppose a spread sheet that’s almost augmented tons to times across of calculating system. And suppose that these networks are created to update this spread sheet from time to time. This is the Blockchain exactly. All the information that is collected on a Blockchain is a shared sheet which data is updated from time to time. With this process there are a lot of benefits. The Blockchain information will not have only a single place. There are over than 10 lakes computer systems are accessed, and data can be transferred by any individual with internet connections. All the data is kept entirely, and updates are applied to it. At the same time nothing wrong there, but it does a problem when to update manually.

The solution of that problem is Blockchain. Because Blockchain create the different version of data. Every block added to a chain (database) it provides a list of new transactions for that data. It means if want to tie the functions into system which facilitates the data transition between among users. Than you can create an independent system entirely. The popular is that the Bit coin is not a currency itself; it’s a public ledger of financial transactions.

This is a secrete ledger, so everyone cannot work on it but only the participants are allowing to watch and edit the data, so for that it’s called crypto. But it is a fact that the data is saved and stored by thousands of servers around the world. And the services can operate independently from any bank.

The problems with the idea of bit coin under laying aside, services are that it’s a system which works across network of processing machines (miners). These all operate the Blockchain software. And also compile the new transactions into block for keeping the database of bit coin up to date as possible.

Whilst most of the people blindly promised support for it, it’s really got have dangers. Of algorithm fails, our users compromised, the whole infrastructure can suffer as result.


 Authenticity and Durability of Blockchain

It’s a technology that minimizes the space of internet. Naturally it works fast. Like offering the data to public via WWW (World Wide Web), the authentic information is stored on Blockchain platform which present on the all networks.

The most important point to note is that the Blockchain cannot control by a single by single individual, identity or entity and there is no point of failure. Like the internet has proven itself as durable space in last 3 decade. It will work as reliable, authentic global stage for business transaction as it continues to develop.

Incorruptible and transparency

This is a very important point because before investment every individual think that is that transition is transparent or not.



Industrialists says that the Blockchain live conscious in a state. Blockchain check itself everyone now. We can say that it’s self-auditing technology where the network updates every transaction, it’s called block.

With this process two new properties are born by the blockhead. 1 is high transparency and I cannot corrupt at the same time. Each and every transition will be clear and there will no ambiguity in it.

Blockchain Users

The rules and regulations about a person can use of this technology. At the present its users are global economies, banks and commercial giants.  Now this technology is open for daily transitions of the public as well.

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